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Nov 6, 2009 6:00am EST
with b this. good morning lisa. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> very good. >> this is an awesome idea. tell us how you started this, up and running. >> welt we have a monthly cultural series called second wednesday. so we have a host of different event that happen every second wednesday from guest lecture, perform uns, speakers, and we decided november was the holidays coming, that we would try to feature some of our local artist. >> so a lot of local artist will be coming together. it is free for them to set up as a vendor and people can come and buy some things and tell me you know how this work out for some of the other people out there in need. >> sure. we have close to 25 vendors that will be in the library space and our educational space in the base many. and we have -- >> beautiful things. >> selling beautiful things. we have kind of all of the media you would want. we have pottery, we have knitted. we have glass. we have jewelry. there is wood working. and just lots of beautiful gifts and it is the perfect time to really support local artists buy something special unique gift
Nov 20, 2009 6:00am EST
something is going on. >> interesting. let's go to our new phone line, lisa in baltimore, good morning. >> good morning. >> what do you think. she is going to be acquitted. >> yes, she should be acquitted. they should take her out of that seat. she should be a mayor setting an example. she did the wrong thing. they should find her guilty and get her out of the seat and put someone else in it there honestly. >> thank you for your call this morning. thank all of you for your calls and comments on the facebook page and twirt. twitter. can you keep them coming. they may air on news at 10:00. you can post your comments, send us a tweet or a text to 45203, enter fox 45a for yes, and fox 45b for no and as i said, your response might air tonight on the news at 10:00. >>> spending christmas with larry the cable guy. the guest confirmed for his holiday special. >>> it's so tasty, i can't wait. >> the clever cleaver brothers show us how >>> pull those pork chops out of the freezer. you will need them to make this week's clever cleaver brother's recipe. >> thanks for joining us again for another f
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2